The following 11 taxa have been named after me (patronyms):

  • Bechlyidae JARZEMBOWSKI & NEL, 2002 (a monotypic family of Protozygoptera from the Upper Carboniferous). [PDF]
  • Bechlya ericrobinsoni JARZEMBOWSKI & NEL, 2002 (the oldest damselfly from the Upper Carboniferous of England). [PDF]
  • Gorgopsidis bechlyi WUNDERLICH, 2004 (a fossil jumping spider in Baltic amber).
  • Colossocossus bechlyi MENON & HEADS, 2005 (a fossil giant cicada from the Lower Cretaceous Crato formation of Brazil). [ResearchGate]
  • Protobaetisca bechlyi STANICZEK, 2007 (a fossil mayfly larva from the Lower Cretaceous Crato formation of Brazil. The adult has been described by STANICZEK et al. 2022).
  • Carventus bechlyi HEISS & POINAR, 2012 (Aradidae from Dominican amber). [PDF]
  • Cretevania bechlyi JENNINGS, J.T., KROGMANN, L. & MEW, S.L., 2013 (an evaniid hymenopteran from Cretaceous Burmese amber). [PDF]
  • Matuna bechlyi STEBNER, F. & KRAEMER, M.S., 2014 (a psychodid dipteran from Mexican amber). [PDF]
  • Pseudostenolestes bechlyi GARROUSTE & NEL, 2015 (the first Cenozoic record for the odonate suborder Isophlebioptera from Messel). [PDF]
  • Cratovitisma bechlyi Podstrelená, 2018 (new species of Umenocoleidae from Burmese amber). [DOIPDF]
  • Gunterbechlya Huang et al., 2019 (new genus of fossil dragonflies from Burmese amber). [DOI]