Advocacy against Materialism and Neo-Darwinism: 2021


Long interview with me and Canadian philosopher and historian Matthew Ehret-Kump on Darwinism and its social aspects at Zain Khan Live (January 2nd, 2021).


Interview with me by Andrew McDiarmid for ID the Future podcast titled "A Paleontologist Buries Another Proposed Cambrian Precursor(January 4, 2021).

In his latest posting titled "Bechly Bloviates "Briefly"! " (January 16, 2021) hardcore Darwinist clown Bill Needle celebrated at his Marmotism blog that my last article on Kimberella was surprisingly short. He deludes himself that this was only because his ridiculous comments have such magical power over me. Hilarious, that this deplorable loser did not even recognize in his phenomenal inaptitude that this article was just the final install of my 14-part article series on Kimberella. He also hallucinates that nobody actually reads my stuff. Well, he apparently confused the more than 3.5K likes of my Kimberella series with the zero likes of his lonely posts. 😂 

In his ridiculous response "Bitching Bechly!" (Jan. 21, 2021) this moron first shows that he does not even know his mother language English by petty quibbling to a non-native speaker that I allegedly misspelled inaptitude (no boy, it's correct, see here), and then he completely loses his non-existing mind in claiming that I lied, when I said that he had doubted that anybody reads my stuff. Let me quote to refresh his lousy memory: "I don't think even the most rabid ID creationists are going to bother reading your [insult deleted]." Like all dumb people suffering from Dunning-Kruger effect he is blissfully unaware of his inaptitude. He is also muddleheaded in believing that Christians must react like gentle sheeple to all hostile idiots, because due to his biblical illiteracy he is ignorant of the fact that Jesus could be very harsh himself.

Two-part article at Discovery Institute's site Evolution News, with my critical comments on a new study, which again (unconvincingly) attempts to identify Namacalathus as an Ediacaran lophophorate animal:

Part 1: "Resurrecting Namacalathus as an Ediacaran Animal" (January 18, 2021)

Part 2: "Namacalathus Revisited — Not Much to See" (January 19, 2021)


Webinar with Q&A about "Discontinuities in the Fossil Record" for the Britisch Center for Intelligent Design C4ID (January 18, 2021).

Speaking engagements and other scheduled events for 2021:

  • January 18, 2021 (via Zoom): Webinar "Discontinuities in the Fossil Record" for C4ID.
  • January 28, 2021 (via Zoom): Interview for Elmo's World podcast.
  • February 20, 2021 (via Zoom): Webinar for the Southern California chapter of Discovery Institute's Science & Culture Network.
  • March (via Zoom): Video interview for the CIID - Centro Italiano Intelligent Design.
  • April (via Zoom): Video lecture for the EnArche Foundation in Poland.