Advocacy against Materialism and Neo-Darwinism: 2009 - 2015

While officially still being a Darwinist myself, I organized a public panel debate about Intelligent Design vs Darwinism on November 24, 2009 at the State Museum for Natural History in Stuttgart / Germany. It was titled "Design without a Designer?" and participants were representatives of Intelligent Design and Creationism (Dr. Douglas Axe, Dr. Reinhard JunkerDr. Wolf Ekkehard Lönnig, and Markus Rammerstorfer) as well as Darwinian evolutionism (Prof. Martin Blum, Hansjörg Hemminger, Dr. Jürgen Kriwet, Dr. Michael Maisch, Dr. Mike Thiv). About 200 people were attending, but unfortunately just minutes before the event any audio and video recording was explicitly prohibited by the museum's director Prof. Johanna Eder. Reports (in German) by participants of this event are linked above. There was also a bizarre rant by the German humanist organization Giordano Bruno Stiftung after the announcement of the debate, that was answered by Prof. Reinhold Leinfelder.


In 2009 I also made first contact with the Darwin critics of the ID community and Discovery Institute. The story is told (at time code 1:34:12) by Stephen C. Meyer in this video:

Here is an archived brief online discussion I had in 2011 with an obnoxious internet infidel who calls himself "A-Unicornist", showing that the development of my thoughts was neither motivated by philosophy and nor by religion (such as Christianity, which I had then still rejected).

Only after my conversion to theism and Christianity I felt a moral obligation to be open about my beliefs, including my scientific doubts in Darwinism. Therefore, I finally decided in October 2015 to make public my support for intelligent design theory with my new website and Facebook page.

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