About Me

I am a German scientist (paleo-entomologist), specialized on the fossil history and systematics of insects (esp. dragonflies), the most diverse group of animals.


I am skeptical of the Neo-Darwinian theory of macroevolution and support intelligent design theory for purely scientific reasons.


I work as senior scientist for the Biologic Institute in Redmond and as senior fellow with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, focusing on paleontological evidence for intelligent design theory. Furthermore, I am head of the German speaking think tank Zentrum für BioKomplexität und NaturTeleologie.


I am a late "convert" to an anti-materialist world view. I strongly reject naturalism, materialism, reductionism, and scientism. I did not come to this view in spite of being a scientist but because of it, based on a careful and critical evaluation of empirical data and rational arguments, following the evidence wherever it leads.