Private Life

I was born in 1963 and spent nearly all of my life in my Swabian hometown Böblingen (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). In Summer 2018 we moved to our new home in Echsenbach (Lower Austria).


I am married to my lovely Austrian wife Maria Luise (*1979) since 2005, and we have two wonderful children: Lukas Hendrik (*Jan. 2013) and Niklas Erik Ansgar (*Jan. 2015).


My personal priorities and goals in life:

Raising my children as firm believers in Catholicism and devout followers of Jesus Christ; defending a rational belief in God (natural theology) and Catholic Christianity (apologetics), as well as spreading the good news of the Gospel (new evangelism); fighting the dangerous nihilistic world view of atheism, naturalism, materialism, reductionism, and scientism; advancing intelligent design theory with special emphasis on supporting evidence from the fossil record; living more simply and sustainably.

Our little family in spring 2017
Our little family in spring 2017

Interests and Hobbies:

Catholic Christian theology and philosophy (natural theology, classical apologetics, Thomism, patristic Biblical exegesis, Biblical prophecy, Biblical history and archaeology, Church history); philosophy and metaphysics (philosophy of time, philosophy of mind, personal identity, free will, metaethics, status of mathematics and the problem of universals); philosophical implications of modern science (quantum physics, relativity theory, cosmology, evolution, neuroscience); earth history and the fossil record (esp. fossil insects); nature, wildlife, and environmentalism; intelligent design theory (with special emphasis on paleontological evidence); Christian simple living (homesteading, slow food, organic gardening, permaculture, zero waste, degrowth, transition movement); digital photography; Apple Mac iOS and MacOS; activism against materialism and Neo-Darwinism, and for a Catholic Christian world view and intelligent design theory (publications, lectures, website, Facebook, YouTube, etc.); reading books on science, philosophy, and theology; TV documentaries on science, nature, and ancient history; Christian movies, SciFi and fantasy movies; and last but not least family life.