Catholicism FAQ

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1. Question: Isn't it intolerant to think that only Catholicism is true and all other religions false? After all, if you would have been born in Pakistan you would likely be a Muslim?
Answer: This argument commits the genetic fallacy, because even if you only believe in Catholicism because you were born and raised in a Catholic culture, this has no bearing on the truth claims of Catholicism. The argument could be easily turned around: "If you would not be born in the West, you would likely not be an Atheist!". Also, because all other religions are wrong does not imply that Catholicism is wrong as well. After all there is one and only one correct answer to "2+2=?", and the answer 4 is not false only because an infinity of all other answers are false. Truth always must be intolerant! The postmodern claim that there is no objective truth is self-refuting, because it is itself an intolerant objective truth claim.

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