Traditionalist Catholic Politics

I am a traditionalist conservative and reactionary contrarian, who disagrees with most politically correct views of modern secular society. I reject the path of Western civilization since the French revolution and the beginning of the so-called enlightenment as fatal meander.


My political views are firmly rooted in my Catholic world view with traditional Christian values and morality. I endorse the two principles of subsidiarity and solidarity, as well as decentralized federalism, limited government, and distributism with a free market economy. 


I do not believe in the myth of progress towards realization of a perfect human society, and especially reject the progressive ideology of secular humanism. Due to human nature we will never abolish evil and suffering, but as moral agents we are of course called to selflessly help suffering and poor fellow humans instead of pursuing selfish goals of material wealth, power, fame, and pride.


I subscribe to the traditionalist ideal of "simple living" and despise and reject modern consumerism, superficial pop culture, feminism, gender mainstreaming and LGBTQ-agenda, secular humanism, leftism, liberalism, demotism, cultural and moral relativism, as well as rampant political correctness and the modern secular humanist religion of "selfism" with its emphasis on therapeutic self-realization, self-actualization, self-improvement, self-fulfillment, self-worship, selfish happiness, and hedonism.


I think that modern liberal democracy necessarily led towards these fatal developments in society (totalitarian leftism) and is inherently anti-religious and opposed to traditional family values. I agree with Hans-Hermann Hoppe that "democracy is a god that failed" and disagree with Winston Churchill's view that "democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others". I consider that limited constitutional monarchy with divine right of kings (compare Romans 13), and an aristocratic elite (based on a high standard of  aristocratic Christian morality), might ultimately be a superior system to guarantee a stable, free, and just society. I am in favor of strong nation-states with national authority and national currency, and oppose any developments towards a European super-state (EU) or even a world government.



I reject the socialist welfare state and nanny state, and think that welfare should be mainly based on family bonds in a prospering economy, with private insurances and voluntary charity (by private persons and aid organizations as well as the Church). A likely exception is health care and provision for old age, for which a compulsory insurance may be the only effective and humane solution.



I reject socialism and capitalism (esp. corporate and crony capitalism or the failed project pf globalization), and instead support the alternative of  distributism (sensu Chesterton and Belloc) with a local and small-scale free market economy with zero-growth as in the medieval age. I advocate a limited government, because it maximizes free economy but also guarantees the protection of freedom against threats from inside and outside. Also certain legal restrictions to protect the health of the citizens and the environment are indispensable, and government is needed to provide public goods and avoid the free rider problem. Therefore, I reject libertarian minarchism or even anarcho-capitalism ("private law society" sensu Hoppe) as naive utopian delusions, which have never worked anywhere ever in human history.



I support a firm defense of Western civilization (formerly known as Christendom). Therefore, I am strongly opposed to the ongoing suicidal Islamization of the West by muslim mass immigration. I consider the preservation of cultural diversity as a high value, and reject the failed project of multiculturalism, which is based on liberal relativism and indeed striving for leftist monoculturalism. The latter only leads to loss of cultural identities, alienated citizens, parallel societies, increased crime rates, and ghettoization. I am all for a healthy patriotism (in the sense of the untranslatable German word "Heimatverbundenheit") but reject racism and national chauvinism.


Bioethics and other legal issues:

I reject the legalization of drugs, abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, human cloning, and embryonic stem cell research, and other symptoms of our "culture of death" (sensu Pope John Paul II). I am in favor of moderate gun control, retributive justice (eventually including capital punishment for severely violent crimes), and just war theory, which does allow for civilian collateral damage but does not allow for civilian targets under any circumstances, so that the carpet bombing of German cities or the nuking of Hiroshima have to be considered as war crimes. I reject modern secular morality that is rooted in moral relativism and utilitarianism.


Sexual Ethics:

I endorse traditional family values and gender roles (complementarianism), which includes that the husband is the head of the family. I subscribe to gender essentialism and therefore reject leftist gender mainstreaming. I strictly oppose the legalization of same sex marriage, pornography, and prostitution. I am convinced that the so-called "sexual revolution"  and promiscuous hook-up culture are temporary phenomena of decadence in a secular age of over-abundance of energy and goods. I suppose that the likely decline of industrial civilization (see below) will go along with a general return to traditional restrictive sexual ethics as well as the patriarchal extended family as the only viable basis of human society. I consider homosexual behavior (not the inclination) and any sexuality outside of marriage between one man and one woman as a sin against the God given natural order and therefore as immoral.



I love nature and wildlife and definitely support environmental protection, conservation of endangered species, and adequate climate action. I acknowledge anthropogenic global warming, biodiversity crisis, exponential population growth, pollution, and resource depletion as real and severe problems. Objective moral values and duties include, apart from a loving and respectful treatment of fellow humans (incl. charity for the poor), also a responsible stewardship of creation and a change of thinking as suggested by the Catholic priest and environmentalist philosopher Thomas Berry. Nevertheless, I am opposed to the radical "dark green" environmentalism (e.g., Deep Ecology), which has highjacked the modern environmental movement, with its anti-human and anti-civilization bias, and its idolatrous nature worshipping neopagan spirituality. I do not believe that nature, contrary to individual animals and especially human beings, has intrinsic value, but only derived value, and it certainly does not have rights.


Nevertheless, I agree with the peak oil movement and many "dark green" environmentalists that industrial civilization and growth society will decline because of resource depletion, climate change, mass extinction of biodiversity, pollution, ocean acidification, topsoil loss, demographic problems, and a financial debt crisis. The fall of modern industrial civilization will likely not be the quick collapse expected by doomers, but a long descent (sensu J.M. Greer) over 200 years. The result will not be a new stone age but an agrarian society with a medieval level of technology. The future is not like StarTrek but more like the Amish.



I believe in an objective intrinsic value of all sentient beings, which grounds a moral obligation for  compassionate treatment of animals. Humans are moral agents, who are morally obliged to avoid the gratuitous suffering of sentient beings. I therefore support animal welfare and the legal persecution of unnecessary cruelty to animals. This also implies that I oppose recreational trophy hunting and sport fishing, but do not oppose hunting and fishing for food, or animal husbandry, because the latter activities constitute morally sufficient reasons for animal suffering and death. However, I reject the notion of animal rights, because animals are not moral agents, and  strongly oppose the radical animal rights movement (e.g. PETA or Peter Singer), which denies a special status to humans and considers the lives of pigs and babies as equally valuable. I am a "human speciesist" and support human particularism with inalienable and universal human rights, based on the fact that every man is made in the image of God and every human soul is a direct creation by God.