Activism against Materialism and Neodarwinism: 2019

Speaking engagements and other scheduled events for 2019:

  • January 12, 2019 in Winnipeg, Canada (via Skype): Q&A on intelligent design theory (30 min.) for St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church.
  • January 28 and March 18, 2019 (online, written presentation and response): Henry Center's Creation Project hosted by Sapientia Symposium „If ID science is not religiously motivated, why hasn’t it gained traction among mainstream scientists?“ (
  • February 16, 2019: Invited talk „Wissenschaftliche Argumente gegen Evolution und für Intelligentes Design“ (60 min.) and workshop „Der Fossilbericht als Problem für den Darwinismus“ (90 min.) as well as a panel interview at a conference on belief and science at the Wiedenester Gemeindetagung 2019 (15.-16. Febr.) of the German Christian organization Forum Wiedenest (
  • March 8-10, 2019 in Corona de Mar, CA, USA: Presentation „The ID Movement in German speaking Europe" at Discovery Institute's meeting commemorating the Pajaro Dunes meeting 1993.
  • March 14, 2019 in Munich, Germany: Talk „Wissenschaftliche Einwände gegen Darwins Evolutionstheorie“ (60 min. + 30 min Q&A) at the German Catholic association KKV Hansa München e.V.
  • April 6, 2019 in Vienna, Austria: Wiener Regionaltagung of the German Studiengemeinschaft Wort und Wissen (
  • May 29 - June 1, 2019 in Waidhofen an der Thaya, Austria: Talk „The Waiting Time Problem: Evidence for Intelligent Design“ at the founding meeting of the "Zentrum für BioKomplexität & NaturTeleologie“ with international conference (
  • June 3-7, 2019 in southern France: Presentation „Paleontological Conundrums and the Waiting Time Problem in Human Origins“ at a private conference on human uniqueness.
  • July 5-13, 2019 in Seattle (maybe via Skype): Lecture „Fossil Discontinuities in the History of Life“ at Discovery Institute’s CSC Summer Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences (
  • July 20, 2019 in Winnipeg, Canada (via Skype): Presentation on „Weaknesses of the Theory of Evolution“ (45 min. + 30 min. Q&A) for the youth at the St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church (40-50 people expected).
  • September, 18-21, 2019 in Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Israel: Talk „Fossil Evidence refutes Neo-Darwinism“ at the founding meeting of "The Israel Center for Biocomplexity".
  • November 9, 2019 in Rotterdam, Netherlands: Invited talk "The fossil record as problem for evolutionism“ (45 min.) at the Regionaltag and Logos Congress "Geloof is de sleutel tot kennis“ of the Dutch Logos-Instituut in cooperation with the German Studiengemeinschaft Wort und Wissen (
  • Two further talks are currently negotiated.